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A Pass, Rouge, Fik Fameica – Midnight Drum (VJ Edit) ft. DJ Maphorisa

November 7, 2018

Seeing this A Pass’s video of Kampala’s raging nightlife, I couldn’t help remember running into him a couple of years ago, embodying for me the dichotomy of Kampala’s night life, an extreme divergence from the daytime routine. That night my mother-in-law had come to visit over Christmas.

She insisted on buying us a TV since we didn’t have one at the time and while her jet lag kept her wide awake past 1am that night, I remember her surprise when we told her there was a shop open to go get a TV even at that hour.

Not only was the shop open –  it was the best time to buy a TV since traffic on the road had died out and there wouldn’t be a jam in the market. So off we went and we got there looking at all the TV’s, examining and comparing all the options until we found the one that was coming home with us.

While checking them out we ran into A Pass and even though the time was well past midnight, he looked fresh like he just woke up and his day was just beginning (but I knew from previous encounters he works hard all day and basically lived in his studio).

This video showcases how Kampala comes to life at night, shops are still open, the street food stands are ready to feed their customers, clothing shops are wide open and that the dancing never stops.  The work, the art, the inventions and the smiles are always constant.

A pass worked with Rouge, a very talented rapper from South Africa, Fik Fameica, the guy that has Uganda dancing non stop, and DJ Maphorisa, who has worked with artists such as WizkidMajor lazerBlack Coffee, to name a few.

I always wondered who bought clothes or electronics at this hour? You might be surprised it might just be you, a talented musician, or someone’s jetlagged mother in law from California.