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Africa Futura Presents The 1. Africa Futura Film Festival in Düsseldorf, Germany

January 24, 2020

Who of you has ever seen an African science fiction film? Probably few, because African culture is somehow still somewhat hidden in Düsseldorf. But that should change now! On January 25, 2020, the AfricaFutura Film Festival in Düsseldorf’s CINEMA will start the Afrofuturismus series.

Wacht the Trailer below:

Carmen Guiba alias Gata Misteriosa is the front vocalist of the now internationally celebrated band Gato Preto, which started Afrofuturism in Düsseldorf. On the Africa Futura blog  she gives impressive insights into the cultural aesthetics of African art. After visiting an afro-futuristic short film evening in Johannesburg, the idea arose to bring something comparable to her hometown Düsseldorf. The idea grew and in 2020 the first Africa Futura Festival will start with a series of African futuristic events in the Cinema Düsseldorf, in Schneider-Wibbel-Gasse

With Africa Futura, Carmen creates the opportunity to glance at her search for traces of her African roots. “My aim is to convey African creativity and originality. The so-called African culture is still very unknown in western society and it is important to me to show what is currently happening in the film, art, fashion and music scene. Our first event focuses on the avant-garde and futuristic level, ”says Carmen.

The kick-off event takes place in Cinema, in the heart of Düsseldorf’s old town. Short films such as “Afronauts” by Nuotama Bodomo, “Jonah” by Kibwe Tavares, “Umkhungo” by Matthew Jankes among other films are shown. Afterwards, visitors can look forward to an exciting round of discussions, in which they can learn even more about African culture and lifestyle. Finally, there is of course an aftershow party with beats by the Africa Futura DJ team Lee Bass, Matt Flores & Klaus Insehaus (Flora Beats). There you can really get down and party to African beats!

Afrikafutura Filmfestival the 25.01.2020
CINEMA Düsseldorf
Schneider-Wibbel-Gasse 5, 40213 Altstadt
Doors open: 21:30 Uhr, Beginning 22:00 Uhr
Tickets: € 12,00 Vorverkauf, € 15,00 Abendkasse (Filmfestival plus Aftershow Party)
Party € 10,00 (Aftershow Party)

For tickets, please click here: