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AfroFutureTracks #2 – a monthly roundup of new afrofuturism tracks

January 24, 2019

So here is the second edition of our roundup of the most exciting new futuristic afrobeats and african dance tracks around.

This is probably the most important afro-dance track of the young 2019 so far. Originally mainly a promotion of the increasingly popular dance move known as zanku, this has rapidly turned into a massive hit. It’s by the Nigerian artist Zlatan, but it has a distinctly South-African Gqom sound and look (in the video) to it. But with a more intricate beat. Some impressive dance moves in the video too.

Great new single from Gato Preto with 10(!) mixes to choose from. That must be some kind of new record. I think my favourite is the Tom Excell Mix. Yes, it’s a Kuduro track, but it blends that beautiful Soukous guitar rather nicely. I will definitely play this a lot.


Baia is the latest single of Pongo, formerly singer of Buraka Som Sistema (you will all remember Kalemba/Wegue Wegue). While Pongo is keen to stress she is more than raw power – she has some really nice mellow tracks as well – it’s her high energy Kuduro tracks that really do it for me. The afro-futuristic video reminds me visually a bit of Missy Elliot.

The Beating Heart project is remixing forgotten recordings of African folk music for the global dance floor. The Afro-Bass Vol.2 EP collates tracks from five different artists. I love Huu! by Coen, a fast driving bass track with lots of percussion.


Passado is the latest track by Lua Preta, an Angolan/Polish duo producing a frenetic mixture of modern electronic music and African genres.

Okay, this one is a bit older. But just in case you missed it, here is possibly the biggest Ghanaian dance anthem of 2018. There is no sitting still with this one.
‘Akwaaba’ means ‘welcome’.

‘1 crocodilo’ is a brand new track by iZaya the Composer, a Ugandan producer from the fast-moving East African scene. It’s an really interesting mix of almost kitsch EDM synths that suddenly drop into this shuffling 6/8 beat. iZaya kindly uploaded this track for AfricaFutura just last night.

Fadjamou by Oumou Sangare is itself a gorgeous and lush afro-pop track, but not necessarily a club track. But a series of remixes (including this one house-y one by TWOTEK) has turned into just that.

But I can’t keep the original video from you (with Oumou Sangare in full African queen mode), so here it is:



We have once again put all the above tracks in nice little 20 min. mini-mix for your convenience. (Download enabled)