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Animator Comfort Arthur’s “Black Barbie” Tackles Skin Bleaching In Ghana And Africa

November 24, 2018

Animator and Filmmaker Comfort Arthur is a shacking the beauty world with her statements against bleaching and celebrating black skin. Her latest animation movie “Black Barbie” is about the issues behind skin bleaching.

Comfort herself is coming to terms with the color of her own skin. It is one alarming problem for many young Africans because mainly they find the choice of brightening their skin very appealing, despite of the health risks involved.

Watch the trailer of “Black Barbie” below:

Comfort Arthur moved in 2012 to Ghana and now works as a freelance editor, illustrator, and animator. She already worked on a lot of award-winning films in Ghana.

Watch the trailer of “The Peculiar Life Of A Spider” below:

In 2015 “The Peculiar Life Of A Spider“ was nominated at the Ghana Movie Awards and Africa Movie Academy Awards. She became additional nominations and eventually won best Animation 2016 for her short animation film “Imagine.”

Her latest masterpiece “Black Barbie” won Best Poetry film at the Real Time festival and Best Animation at Ghana Movie Awards.

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