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Chef Lillian Elidah’s Healthy Food Is Changing African Cuisine

December 18, 2018

Chef Lillian Elidah is a creator of African fusional Modern cuisine. Born in Lusaka, Zambia, raised in Sweden, studied in Switzerland, and worked in France, Lillian Elidah Daka Mumba is a professional chef with working experience in Sweden, Zambia, France, and Switzerland.

Chef Lillian is a Food Writer for The Post, Zambia. Chef and owner of the Twaala Companies and she has studied at Cesar Ritz Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland, and earned a Membership certificate from the French association “Devoir du champignon.”

Lillian Elidah has featured on The Travel Channel, CNN, DHL Africa where she got to teach the world about Zambian cuisine and eating culture. She now has ventured into agriculture and print with Twaala Magazine and Twaala Farms.