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Cyrus Kabiru – Afrofuturistic art made out of trash

November 5, 2018

Photograph: All images copyright: Cyrus Kabiru and photographer Tony Meintjes

I came across Cyrus Kabiru’s incredible futuristic art while doing research for one of our music videos. I remember looking at these constructions and was like WOW! This is amazing.

Before I knew it I tried to see how he made his art and the answer was just one word: TRASH!

But just not any trash: he knows how to choose materials carefully to compose extraordinary constructions which clearly look futuristic and of course african too in a modern way.

From The Guardian

“I wanted to give trash a second chance,” says Cyrus Kabiru, 34, who makes art – including highly decorative eyewear – out of wires, pins, bottle tops and other detritus he finds on the streets of Nairobi and around the world. Kabiru, who grew up in a Nairobi slum, started making glasses as a child. “I tried to get my dad to buy me a pair. He was like, ‘I can’t, maybe you design your own.’” There was no shortage of materials, with one of the largest dumping grounds in Nairobi next door. Kabiru began turning junk into spectacles. This caught people’s imagination; now he travels the world showing his art (he also makes bicycles and masks out of waste material) and giving talks on creativity. None of his “glasses” has lenses. “They’re not for seeing better; they’re for seeing different,” he says.

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