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Designer Margaux Wong’s New Jewelry Collection Is Breath Taking

November 18, 2018

Jewelry and Fashion Designer Margaux Wong, originally from Guyana, South America, lives and works in Burundi.

Margaux’s latest jewelry collection combines the natural beauty of Africa with the colorful aesthetic of the Amerindian culture.

Over ten years, Margaux was a Personal Assistant to the late Catherine Walker, who designed several unique pieces for the late Princess Diana. Later on, Margaux moved to Burundi for professional and personal reasons.

At the time, Margaux is designing not only jewelry but also fashion clothing, spicing it up with her own version of the African culture. She supports and influences a sustainable fashion industry in Africa.

Margaux, who works in a design hub with other artisans, has been transforming cow horn and brass into luxurious jewelry, perfectly suitable for daily use as well as a classic accessory. Margaux’s collection “2018 Shield” is capable to compete on a global scale and make a considerable difference to the international fashion industry.

All Margaux Wongs designs are handmade, and depending to the quality of the cow horn, each piece is unique and at the same time eco-friendly.