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Flávia Coelho Brand New Track “DNA” Is Storming The Charts

October 15, 2019

Flavia Coelho has long been a star in the Brasil community in her adopted home of Paris. And not just since her hit “Bossa Muffin”.

A bonfire of energy and zest for life, an impressive stage show – and of course a hot musical mix. In Flavia Coelho, casual grooves with rolling bass sounds strike touching melodies, expressive sound paintings contrast with virtuoso, folk-oriented solos. There are perfectly placed breaks and Latin American party rhythms.

Stronger than her debut album “Bossa Muffin”, her latest album “Mundo Meu” (My World) took its roots, its origins from one of Rio de Janeiro’s poor neighborhoods and tells of the urban jungle of favelas.

She brings Forro and Ragga, raging ska rhythms and casual dub – with brass, guitars, keyboards, percussion, drums, bass and accordion, over which her unique voice shines.

Her new album “DNA” is a revelation about her roots, journey, and political issues.