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Gato Preto feat. Flavia Coelho + Rey Sapienz – Fala Comigo (Official Video)

July 12, 2019

Label: Africa Futura
Music: Gata Misteriosa, Flavia Coelho, Lee Bass, Rey Sapiens
Camera: Victor Delfim
Edit: Victor Delfim
Hair / Makeup: Armelle Ions

“Fala Comigo” (Talk to me) is a song that stands out: It links Africa, America, and Europe in a very special way – the extremely catchy guitar melody is played by a renowned guitar player from the Congo, whose idea for the tune was produced by Rey Sapiens in Uganda.

Later Lee Bass and Gata Misteriosa gave it the Gato Preto flavor. Alongside Gata Misteriosa, the track also features Flavia’s galvanizing vocals. Flavia, a Brasilian-born singer who lives in Paris, gives Gato Preto’s otherwise deep-toned bass sound an unexpected easiness through her Brasil-pop, Samba, ​and Reggae musical influences. “Fala Comigo” is an invitation to dance: “ Talk to me – Come and dance with me”, sings Flavia, an accomplished singer who has already worked with artists such as Elida Almeida and Patrice.

With “Fala Comigo”, Gato Preto and Flavia Coelho give us a perfect track for the hot days of summer and an ear-worm that will continue to run through our minds.