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Hairstylist Lisa Farral Is Taking African Hair Fashion By Storm

February 14, 2019

Lisa Farral is a U.K. Award winner Hair session stylist and educator. Farral also been working with celebrities, Music Artists and TV personalities both in the U.K. and all over the world.

Lisa Farral has been remarkably working as a hairstylist for over 17 years and paying tribute to African beauty for a long time. Farral’s unapologetic way to introduce her unique African hairstyle to the world is beyond imagination and gave her highly global recognition.

Farral’s contribution to African hairstyle has changed the game ever since; the beauty of the African women was still very much underrepresented in the media world. One of her most famous collections, Lisa Farral’s Armor, was a highlight at the British Hairdressing Awards 2016, and ever since, her style has skyrocketed the Afro hairstyle fashion and business.

The huge success has even brought Lisa Farral to launch her own WIG LONDON hairdressing school, which specializes in Afro style and hairstyle. Farral was even able to win the first place of three prestigious awards at the Black Hair Awards.

Most recently Lisa flew to LA to work on Kendrick Lamar feat. SZA’s new music video clip “All The Stars”.