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Ibaaku – Afrofuturistic Senegalese Sonic Poetry

November 13, 2018

Pictures Credit: Atima Lensa

I met Ibaaku a few years back in Paris where we performed at an event together. At that time his Album “Alien Cartoon” was released and he was on Tour to promote it. Ibaaku had that Energy around him which changes the room within a split second and when he started to perform the whole venue was filled with interstellar vibes. Check this EPK out here:

Over all these years we been in close contact and it was just about time to ask him a few questions which I was interested in:

1. Tell us what afrofuturism means in your music and art

Afrofuturism is a weapon of massive deconstruction.Its my way to decolonize imaginary.
It is the spaceship I use to get to the « Afrotopos » that Felwinne Sarr is talking about in his book Afrotopia.
A space that doesn’t exist yet where everything is possible.

2. What does the name Ibaaku mean?

It means the elder in djola.

3. How important are your senegalese roots in your music? Do you honor old traditions in your art?

Its a permanent source of inspiration and through my art sometimes I feel like im a vessel to bring old traditions to the new world we are building. Its a whole process to get to know what these rhythms are and how they can affect the world.

4. How would you describe your music?
Sonic poetry. Music of the present.

5. Please Name artists who are important to you

– My Mom

– My Dad
– Issa Samb aka Joe Ouakam
– Waflash de Thies
– Selly Raby Kane
– Ali Beta
– Pharoah Sanders

6. Whats coming up in 2019?
More creative adventures.

If you havent done so check out his Album called “Alien Cartoon”