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Ivorian Chef Loïc Dablé Is Innovating African Cuisine

February 21, 2019

Loïc Dablé is a Franco-Ivorian Chef, trained in Paris Luxury Hotels. With his own cooking show the “Pan Star Chef,” Dablé aims to revolutionize African cuisine and re-invent traditional dishes into a piece of art.

Dablé also owns and runs a gourmet restaurant, the “Café Dapper Loïc Dablé” in Paris and organizes culinary workshops on African food.

His creativity and perfectionism brings fresh air in the culinary territory and offers a new definition of African food. His contemporary culinary skills pay tribute to the ancient treasures of African gastronomy and its local products.

Dablé will not follow the footsteps of his elders, instead, his rebellion will allow him to thrive with creativity and originality.

Yams stuffed with tomato sardines and hibiscus pannacotta with monkey bread are just of the few samples that will make us wish for more.

For Dablé the kitchen is a wild fusion of avant-garde skills, innovative luxury, and steady tradition that he won’t live without.