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Jewelry Designer Njuhi Chege Pays Homage To Kenya With Her Unique Collection

December 6, 2018

Kenyan Designer Njuhi Chege, the founder of Riri Jewellery, is supporting the Nairobi artisan, collaborating and networking locally.

Njuhi love for Jewellery began at a very young age, and she founded herself hooked with bright and bold pieces for early on. The “Maasai Market” was one of the most significant sources of inspiration, due to the exciting variety and colorful diversity. Kenya itself is a melting pot of diverse Kenyan cultures and race from all parts of the world.

Njuhi and the Riri team crafted each piece as tastefully as they can; to share the magic and diversity of the Kenyan culture is the main gold of the designer. Through emphasizing the different textures and focusing on colorful materials, Njuhi as managed to create the most beautiful creations.

RiRi Jewellery produces handmade accessories using diverse stones, brass, metals, wood, and glass. The company works with six artisans in low-income areas in Nairobi. Njuhi wants to empower the artisans and at same time mentor the youth, as well use it as a platform to push for policies.

Check all of Riri Jewellery collection below: