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Nigerian Chef Fregz Is Taking International Cuisine By Storm

November 25, 2018

Nigerian Chef Gbubemi Fregene, otherwise known as Chef Fregz, is transforming traditional African cuisine into contemporary and inventive plates.

Is it quite unusual for people in Africa to take up cooking as a serious career, but Gbubemi Fregene’s determination for the art of cuisine has brought him international recognition.

Chef Fregz brings a high level of passion for cooking, which has given him a considerable amount of international appreciation. Chef Fregz believes that one needs true love for the craft of cooking to create tasty meals, and to keep up in the game.

Gbubemi was born in Abeokuta, Nigeria, but grew up in Benin City. Later Fregene left Nigeria to study at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Paris, France, where he learned classical French cooking techniques while researching new cultural influences from different countries.

After his internship periode and residence at Market Restaurant, Paris, he returned to Nigeria to built his brand. He focused on captivating Nigerian youths by targeting their passion for innovative and unique cooking.


Gbubemi has also been a judge in cooking competitions in Nigeria, such as Knorr Taste Quest. Chef Fregz’s love of food and creativy gave him the right push to step into the industry and make a name for himself.

Going back in time, Chef Fregz admites that the profession chef is starting to get the respect that it deserves. In Africa, people are starting to accept that it is a real profession.

You can watch more about him in the video below:

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Giwan Ruwa. Utako and Kado Fosh Market inspired this dish. However, maybe the combination of Delta boys @navhifode caused us to go this bisque route. Navhi had once made a killer bisque in Paris and I had done a version a few weeks ago in Lagos with Efirin emulsion. Once we saw the rich selection of dried and smoked fish in the Utako market it was almost a no brainer. The Perinwinkles and ijebu garri were sold next to each other and the light bulb to make them like little croutons came on in an instance. We finished the dish with an efirin emulsion, grilled spring onions and cameroon pepper pickled purple green peas. People said it reminded them of Owo soup, some people just couldn’t understand that these every day ingredients got this level of refienment and how it all worked. The Chef Fregz team worked super hard on this. @oladipupodisu finished work on that emulsion chai! @9jaculinarygram handled that 40kg Fish like breakfast! Thank you Abuja! ?: @tmplmotionpictures #ChefFregzAtWork #ChefFregz #ChefFregzAtWork #HelenésFoodCo #NigerianFood #fish

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