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Pop-Icon Grace Jones Recaps Her Life In New Documentary “Bloodlight And Bami”

November 7, 2018

Singer, Model, and Icon Grace Jones is about to turn 70 years old, but she is still provoking euphoric reactions from a large fan base when she enters the stage with the words “Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones!”. Now finally her long-awaited documentary “Bloodlight and Bami is finally available to watch.

Songs like Slave to the Rhythm and Pull Up To The Bumper still drives the crowd wild, and Jones still looks as she is ageless, and her incredible voice remains her famous trademark. Her love for extravagant costumes and hats are part of the highlights of her live performances.

We all know the avant-garde artist, but who is behind this gifted performer? For her documentary “Bloodlight And Bami” director Sophie Fiennes accompanied the artist for ten years.

For the past five decades, Grace Jones has been a singer, musician, model, actress, author – all in all: a gifted performer. Then she can still perform and captivate the audience because she is truly unique and an icon.

“Bloodlight And Bami” stands for stage light and bread in the Jamaican. Grace Jones needs stage lights like others slices of bread. Director Sophie Fiennes has been working on the film for ten years, and Grace Jones has granted her access to cloakrooms and bathrooms, offices and studios. And Grace Jones took Sophie Fiennes home. In rural Jamaica, the camera is there when her old mother performs in the church, as a gospel singer.

The film shows Grace Jones in above-ground green Jamaica, surrounded by her friends and relatives, with the grandson in her arms. Even when talking to Jean-Paul Goude, her son’s father, the camera is there. He is a French designer and photographer that influence Grace Jones Style. Some even say that he created Grace Jones.