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Post-Apocalyptic Shortfilm “They Charge For The Sun” Is a Must See

December 12, 2018

The short film “They Charge For The Sun” is about a little girl, Eve, that lives in the near dystopian future, a place in which almost all human interaction with nature has been monetized to profit wealthy elite. So, they have to charge for access to the sun. This beautiful story was directed by Terence Nance, written by Eugene Ramos and lovely played by Rylee Nykhol.

In the movie, the people live in the dark to avoid the harmful rays of sunlight. The sun rays are so damaging that the government only allows citizens a limited amount every day and even monetize it.

Even outside, there are explicit rules with which people must accept. Eve, our hero, decides to find the truth behind the lie that has kept her whole family imprisoned in shadows.

This film premiered with the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Pan African Film Festival amongst others.