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Senegalese Fashion Designer Selly Raby Kane Collaborates With IKEA

November 3, 2018

Selly Raby Kane is one of the most promising fashion designers Africas. Her eclectic and vibrant style is shaking the fashion and art world, and her unique brand owes as much street art as it does to her passion of traditional West African textiles.

Kane belongs to a new generation of urban, open-to-culture and avant-garde designers who are bringing fresh air to Senegalese scene. Born and raised in Dakar, she studied at French fashion business school in Paris and lived in the US before returning to Africa.

With her well-claimed label SRK, Kane expresses her bold and rebellious personality, using multi-dimensional shapes, strong pattern and unusual materials such as PVC and fake hair.

And then a major coupé happened to Kane, as she has been recruited by the furniture company Ikea, for its 2019 collection: “The creative explosion which is taking place in several cities around Africa right now is something IKEA is curious about. We want to learn from this and spread it to the rest of the world“, said Marcus Engman, Head of Design of IKEA.

She started also to work with Senegalese artists such as IBAAKU and founded a project called Alien Cartoon. This project was created initially as a soundtrack for fashion and art performance, and it slowly became an anthem for Senegalese explorative and futuristic music. Her creative work has not gone unnoticed, and even Beyonce wore one of her unique designs.