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Sommelier Regine Rousseau Is Changing The Wine Game

February 14, 2020

Regine Rousseau was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Haiti, she is a self-published author, art collector, business owner, and entrepreneur. She was also a wine columnist for the South Suburban News for several years.

Regine was introduced to her love for wine, during a study abroad excursion to Besançon, France. It all happened, while she traveled to the home of her host’s father for a regular dinner. She was immediately fascinated, as they started to taste the different Bordeaux bottles and the host commented on each one.

With humble beginnings as a wine salesperson, she soon developed her hobby to a serious job. In 2013, she finally re-lauchend Shall We Wine, an enterprise specialized in crafts spirits and wines. 


Recently, Regine has combined her writing skills with her passion for wine. She started Champagne Diaries, an original blog in which Champagne is the star of the show.