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South African Chef Nompumelelo Mqwebu Is Raising New Awareness For African Cuisine

December 11, 2018

South African chef Nompumelelo Mqwebu is taking local cuisine to the world with her fabulous cookbook “Through the Eyes of an African Chef.”

The chef grew up in a family, where cooking was crucial for the heritage identity and culture maintenance.  In the book, she even dedicates one chapter to her father’s favorite dishes.

Mqwebu wants to introduce authentic South African cuisine for both home and professional cooking. She brings back traditional practices and recipes cooked with ingredients from a regular organic garden and mixes it with traditions of other cultures.

Mqwebu spent over ten years training and developing her cooking skills all around the world, including schools and kitchens in New York, Ireland and more. She also learned the importance of small organic farming and sustainable farming techniques.

The chef intends to introduce the world to authentic South African food and to show the importance of food as a cultural aspect. Her first love will always be African food.

At the present time, Mqwebu is working with female farmers around the country, helping with the development of their farming and business skills to enforce and grow their incomes.