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South African Qhama Maswana Creates Timeless Art

December 13, 2018

After winning a couple of art competitions, South African artist Qhama Maswana embraced his talent and is now creating afrofuturistic paintings.

Qhama’s work is influenced by African heritage that tells folk stories about the mesmerizing beauty of Africa and addresses its challenges. His modern approach takes the viewer through the daily lives of Africans.

At the same time, Qhama portraits them in a holy light. His paintings are a reflection of African heritage and culture that tend to tell a folk story about the beauty of Africa, depict the spirituality of Africans, and portray them in a divine light.

His art can be inspired by anything, for example, it can be an interaction with a senior, a random day in the lives of families, or even just a single portrait.

Capturing a painting for him is by determined by what art medium and material are best for each project and whenever he needs to achieve color and form. He says he uses oil paints. If it’s an urgent project, he says he uses fast-drying acrylic paints. Sometimes multimedia are applied to complete a plan to capture a subject.