“The African Chef” Malcolm Riley is Bringing Baobab To The International Kitchen

March 26, 2019
Zambian Malcolm Riley, also known as “The African Chef”, is a very well known self-taught Chef and he is currently living in the UK.
Born and raised in Zambia and of mixed heritage, Malcolm began his love of cooking from a very young age. His passion comes from his Mother’s great love of cooking and he draws his inspiration heavily from his love of South African food and exploring all the wonderful cuisines from across the African continent. Malcolm’s style of fusion cooking can be described as Anglo and Afro-Indian.
Malcolm’s passion & knowledge of food, nutrition, tree foods & supporting the development of sustainable farming has resulted in his involvement in various workshops, discussion panels, presentations to Universities, catering colleges, local groups, organizations & food festivals.
He has been privileged to feature on BBC Radio 4 Food Programme with Shelia Dillon & Dan Saladino, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Spotlight, as well as other local radio stations. Malcolm has cooked at a wide variety of venues including The Eden Project, London charity events & galleries, product launches involving businesses looking to offer their clients an African twist menu or to showcase specific ingredients.

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