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The New Album of Yugen Blackrok “Anima Mysterium” is Finally Available

February 4, 2019

The South African rapper Yugen Blackrok finally released her forthcoming album “Anima Mysterium,” after the two successful singles “Carbon Form” and “Picture Box.” The album is on I.O.T Records.

After her remarkable feature on the “Black Panther” soundtrack, the pressure was huge. Still, Yugen delivers a stunning yet profound work with her impressive performance.

“Anima Mysterium” was mostly produced by Kanif The Jhatmaster and features productions from Joel and Seventh Galaxy. DJ extra are delivered by DJ Raiko, DJ KCL, and DJ Koncept. This album is charismatic and compelling with the extra features, such as Historian Himself, Jak Tripper, Bravestarr, Fifi  The Raiblaster and Zetina Mosia.