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This Is Nigeria: Falz Adresses Corruption And Crime With Brand New Music Video

June 15, 2018

Corrupt, unfair, out of touch with reality: Rapper Falz paints a dark picture of the existence of life in his homeland in his song “This is Nigeria”. The lawyer raps about murderers and thieves, against the miserable economic situation and Nigeria’s political class – and that causes a stir.

“This is Nigeria – look how I live now, everyone is criminal!”

Everything revolves around this refrain. Falz tells his country, his fans, the politicians, the self-proclaimed preachers or the police, as he sees Nigeria: namely corrupt, unfair, out of touch with reality and twisted:

“The awful state of Nigeria has become a normal thing, people almost do not remember that it’s not normal, so you have to say,“Hey, wake up, things are upside down.”

For example, when a police station hangs out a sign that says, “Closed after 6 pm because of security risks.” – That actually existed.

In the “This is Nigeria” video, Falz has captured a lot of his country’s reality through pop culture: corruption, the glittering world of the rich, the murderous struggles between farmers and ranchers. And – of course – terrorism. In his video, Falz lets four young girls dance in traditional robes and light blue hijabs. They symbolize the young women abducted and raped by Boko Haram terrorist militants.

If you want to watch the Video, click below:

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