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Watch Michael Jackson’s Science Fiction Film “Captain EO”

March 27, 2019

“Captain EO” is a 1986 American science fiction film starring Michael Jackson, written by George Lucas and directed by Francis Ford Coppola that was shown at Disney parks from 1986 through 1996.

The film’s executive producer was George Lucas and Michael Jackson himself choreographic it. Also featured in the movie is Anjelica Huston; she plays the Supreme Leader.

The film tells the story of Captain EO, played by Michael Jackson, and the ragtag crew of his spaceship on a mission to deliver a gift to the Supreme Leader, Anjelica Huston, who lives on a world of rotting and steaming vents.

Once arriving on the planet, the crew is captured by the henchmen of the Supreme Leader and brought to her. She sentences the team to be turned into trash cans, and Captain EO to 100 years of torture in her deepest dungeon.

There are many reasons to watch this short story: the cast is perfectly arranged, George Lucas writes and produces it, Francis Ford Coppola directs, and Michael Jackson teamed up with Vittorio Storaro for choreography

Here you can watch the whole movie.